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Visit San Miguel de Tucumán

San Miguel de Tucumán is the smallest province of Argentina but should not be underestimated. It is rich with history and beautiful landscape, perfect to relax.

Gate to Northern Argentina

Tucuman is a very varied province, so very interesting to visit. Located close to the Northern Andes it is called “Gate to the North”. Still the landscape ranges from high mountains in the north-west to desert in the south.  The wildness of the region invites you for trekking, horseback riding, paragliding, kayak and canyoning.

In springtime Tucuman is called “The garden of the Republic” when flowers bloom all over the place. And last but not least it is the birthplace of Argentina. On July 9th, 1816, at the Congress of Tucumàn, the "United Provinces of the Río de la Plata" declared their independence from Spain. That was the beginning of the Republic of Argentina. In memory of this significant milestone, tourists can visit the most important landmark places: the Historic House of Independence, Nicolás Avellaneda Museum and Rougés Cultural Center.

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