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Temuco is one of the main cities of Chile. As the capital of the Cautín Province and of the Araucanía Region it offers great natural beauty and interesting sights from the culture of the Mapuche.

Pablo Neruda´s home

The Nobel Poet Pablo Neruda lived in Temuco for some time. The municipalitypreserves his heritage and so you can still visit the house where he lived and many exhibitions for example in the Museo Ferroviario Pablo Neruda. More museums you find in the Alemania Avenue as well as an exceptional mixture of architectural styles. The Menchaca Lira Campus of Art Building for example is a Victorian Style building, the Araucaria Museum building represents the 19th century Chilean style. It offers many permanent exhibits recounting the history of the Araucanían people and the Mapuche culture, the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile.

Temuco is surrounded by some spectacular natural monuments like the Truful-Truful Falls, the Conguillío National Park and Llaima volcano. Due to its location next to these sights, the city is an ideal spot for discovering the region.