Business partner

Ten per cent of the worldwide population is suffering from kidney diseases. More than three million people have kidney failure and are in need of renal replacement therapy.

The question we ask ourselves every day is: How can we give them, despite their illness, a revitalising experience? How can we optimise the use of limited healthcare budgets in order to  improve the health and quality of life for these people? Therefore, our aim in Diaverum is to develop sustainable, long-term solutions that put the patient in the centre. We are a trusted partner to health authorities and payers as well as clinic owners. We devote all our efforts to developing the best services focused around the renal patient. Everything we do is oriented towards the well-being of our patients and we ensure that they receive the highest standards of medical care. Our medical activities are evidence-based and sustained through continuous education and training, standard policies and procedures and frequent clinical practice audits to assure quality.