Renal care market

CKD is an incurable, global and escalating challenge which today affects about 10% of the world’s adult population. It’s primarily caused by lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and the prevalence is increasing, in particular in developing countries.

Globally, the patient population is expected to grow by 6% annually between 2018 and 2025 but varies between markets with higher growth rates in Asia-Pacific and lower in most EU countries [company information].

Roughly 40% of the global dialysis market is served by public providers and about 60% by private companies with the private share expected to increase because of increasing constraints on public health care budgets.

Diaverum is the world’s third largest renal care provider, the second largest excluding the US, and has a strong relative position with an above market exposure towards high-growth markets which currently. The renal care market is fragmented with the top five global providers accounting for about one fifth of the market [company information]. Diaverum has successfully grown to become either the largest or the second largest player in 70% of its markets.

As the patient population grows, healthcare systems need to adapt to respond to rising costs globally. Diaverum’s view is that digitalization will be at the heart of this transformation, accelerating standardization of care, improving medical outcomes and driving operational efficiencies.