Our trainings

Empowered and educated people are the core of our business. We know that everyone has the potential to develop and to make a career. Diaverum is a constantly growing organization and we want our employees to grow with us. Through empowerment, education, training and by offering career opportunities to our employees we grow together.


d.ACADEMY is a state-of-the-art virtual university. At Diaverum, knowledge equals highest quality of care and, through d.ACADEMY, we empower our employees and support them in growing their expertise. Our nurses, physicians, managers and patients have access to a variety of e-learning programmes — true knowledge-sharing from experts for experts, innovative and founded on the  results of landmark scientific research.

Blended Learning

We believe in a blended learning approach: In addition to e-learning sessions, our staff has the opportunity to benefit of further internal or external medical education and training activities organized on a local level. To ensure that the knowledge is transferred into practice every new employee in the clinic is assigned to a mentor.


At Diaverum we support the development of all our employees. For our management teams around the world we offer soft skills training on our My Training e-learning platform. The platform provides training on topics such as team performance, time management and communication skills. In addition you can find ‘Expert Training’ in which Diaverum experts share their knowledge with the whole organisation. My Training is accessible to every employee of Diaverum.

Personal Development

Personal development is assured by our internal performance management and development process. This annual process ensures that all employees plan their development targets for the next year. Leaders support career steps and help their teams to grow.