Patient stories

The four steps I took to get where I am today

Isn’t life a wonderful thing? I’d like to start in this way, because I feel like I’m a very lucky person. I’m writing to you from a wonderful and calm place. I’m at the Dead Sea, in Israel, with a view of the mountains in Jordan. Everything is silent and peaceful here and it is under the spell of this feeling that I’d like to tell you more about my adventure. I want to tell  you about how a renal patient can have a fulfilling life.


A different way of life

Sónia lives life to the fullest within the constraints of her disease. Martyrdom and complaining are not part of her vocabulary; the only thing she carries is a great mountain of hope that “better days will come.”


Filipe Almeida travels around the world with his family

I was diagnosed with a kidney disease as an infant, and are currently receiving haemodialysis treatment three times per week - now me and my family is going to see the world.


Fulfilling the sweetest dream - despite being on dialysis

Life is full of challenges, but also possibilities. My name is Ramunė Budrikienė and I am a business woman, and I am a fighter.


Mother of six gave birth to last born twins while on dialysis 

Being a mother of six children, is that special? In my situation maybe it is, and maybe a little more than usual. My name is Melinda and I delivered my newly born twins being a dialysis patient.


Thirty years on dialysis

A transplant, not working out the way I wanted, still became the breakthrough moment in my life. My name is Wojciech Rosanowski and I have decided to live my life to the fullest.