Topics : Scientific research

Analysing and improving patient safety
Empowering patients to choose their dialysis type
Incidence and severity of COVID-19 in CKD patients
Diaverum partners with WKD 2021
Our latest breakthrough AI innovation
Diaverum's breakthrough VA AI model for thrombosis prevention
Diaverum’s breakthrough AI model recognised in Spain award ceremony
Diaverum hosts roundtable at 2022 EDTNA / ERCA Conference
Diaverum presentation recognised at EDTNA / ERCA Conference
Steering renal care towards a bright future
Diaverum’s Medical Team an active participant at 2022 Kidney Week
Major step forward reduces mortality in kidney failure patients
Diaverum an active participant at the 60th ERA Congress
Diaverum key participant at the 51st EDTNA/ERCA Conference
Diaverum an active participant at Kidney Week 2023
Diaverum Medical leaders take part in 53rd SEN Congress
Diaverum organises Think Tank meeting in Italy
Diaverum an active participant at 7th MSNDTAO Congress
Diaverum participates in carbon neutrality initiative