Diaverum Institute for Complexed Transplants performed their, first ever, liver transplant.

We are excited to communicate that the first liver transplant in Diaverum’s history was performed in Argentina last Thursday, June 27th. We are very proud to go beyond the boundaries of renal and pancreatic transplantation and move to higher ground, bringing even more hope to the patients who put their lives in our hands.

The seven-hour surgery was performed at ITAC, the Institute of Transplants and High Complexity, and was successful thanks to the full support of the staff to the team of physicians, under the leadership of our Medical Director, Dr Domingo Casadei. The medical team encompassed Dr Imventarza, Dr Lendoire, Dr Duek, Dr Arias, Dr Martin, Dr Oks, Ms Lehner and Dr Aballay, who were supported by all parts of the clinic: Surgery, Laboratory, Inpatient Care, Nursing and Imaging, Clinic Administration and Cleaning Staff.

The medical team at ITAC.

The transplanted patient was a 67-year-old woman diagnosed with cirrhosis. She had been on the waiting list for three years at another centre and after only three months at ITAC, a match for her liver was identified in a deceased donor. Four hours after surgery was over, the patient was awake, in good clinical condition, and now with a functioning liver.

A week after the transplant, the patient is eating normally and ambulatory. She will be in our inpatient care unit for 12 to 15 days and then discharged to get back to the life she enjoyed before becoming ill, naturally with appropriate care for the transplanted liver. We have begun a new era of liver transplantation in Diaverum, which adds to the 3,600 kidney and pancreas transplantations we have already performed, paving the way for services of higher complexity.

Martín Capó, President of Nephrology and Vice President of Diaverum Argentina, commented: "This first liver transplant is a key milestone in the full implementation of our 2024 vision and strategy, which will see us expand our offer of medical services in Transplantation and High Complexity. Diaverum already stands out thanks to its continuous investment in Argentina, supporting the growth and development of healthcare. This makes us very proud, particularly in light of the current difficulties that our country is going through."

We want to thank and congratulate the entire team in our Transplant Business Area, who have made this possible!