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The city of Sagunto, is the capital of the Region of Camp de Morvedre and is located north of the province of Valencia, at the foot of a hill in the Sierra Calderona. It has a population of about 70,000 inhabitants.

This town, located about 30 kilometers north of the city of Valencia, is divided into two urban centers. On the one hand the visitor can enjoy the historic center in Sagunto-City, located between the mount del Castillo (walled enclosure that stretches across the hill from east to west, with an extension of almost one kilometer) and the river, and the core from Puerto de Sagunto, developed between the coastal plain, next to the Mediterranean, where you can enjoy its 13 kilometers of beach.

It is one of the few areas where the coastal cord preserves its natural state. The sandy beaches of this part of the coast, together with the action of the wind, have favored the formation of dunes in which we can still observe the characteristic landscape of these environments, with the tops of the dunes crowned by the blur, a plant that fix the sand of the first dunes preparing the soil for other plants.

Holiday dialysis – the Diaverum way

At Diaverum, we never lose sight of the emotional and psychological needs of you and your family. An important part of this is that it should be possible for you to take a break now and then, and go for a holiday. The Diaverum Holiday™ concept is designed to make your holiday as practicable as possible, uncomplicated and enjoyable. Read more