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Visit Treinta y Tres Orientales


Located on the banks of the Olimar River, the city Treinta y Tres offers an interesting mixture of history and wild nature. The climate is special in the entire Northern region of Uruguay with warm average temperatures. Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons to visit the city.

The name Treinta y Tres is a tribute to the 33 eastern men exiled in Argentina who secretly landed on Uruguayan soil on April 19, 1825 in order to fight for the national independence. This date gave the name to a square at the town center, the 19 de Abril Square. The main avenue in the city was named after national hero Juan Antonio Lavalleja.

Several parks and lakes in the area like the Municipal Park of Treinta y Tres (for fishing and watersports), Cerro Chato Lagoon, Quebrada de los Cuervos (the Crows Ravine) and Quebrada de la Teja (the Tile Ravine) are highly recommended sites for those who wish to enjoy the nature. Merín Lagoon is another beautiful site on the way out of the city. Subtropical wildlife takes hold of the surroundings and displays some vestiges of what turns into the Brazilian marshlands on the way up to the North.

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