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The City of Minas is located in the Southeast of Uruguay, 120 kilometers away from Montevideo. Surrounded by the Minas and Carapé Mountain Ranges and by the beautiful Santa Lucía River, the city offers varied proposals for visitors of all ages and tastes, for example a tour around the historical shell or an outdoor excursions to get in touch with the nature.

Minas – Spanish word for “mines”- owes its name to the mineral richness in its soil. Its first dwellers were Welsh families who settled down lured by the promising prosperity of the area, also very propitious for cattle-raising.

The climate of Minas is humid and its scenery features many delightful panoramic sights, both during the day and at night, from the heights that surround the entire city.

While touring around Minas, visitors come across Libertad Square, whose gardens and palm trees catch the eye of locals as well as visitors who walk about its magnitude for the first time. An enormous water fountain and a monument in honor of General Juan Antonio Lavalleja contribute their color. The cathedral and its simple façade are other sites of architectural interest.

For lovers of outdoor activities, a tour around Mount Ventura is an excellent choice to start enjoying natural attractions away from the city. When reaching the top, visitors come across the greatest monument raised in honor of Uruguayan hero José Artigas. Due to their proximity, Cerro Pan de Azúcar (Mount Sugar Loaf) and the seaside City of Piriápolis are two destinations worth visiting which represent the possibility of combining the mountains and the sea.

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