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Press release: Diaverum invests in state-of-the-art institute for complex transplants; d.INSTITUTE ITAC

In line with its mission to improve patients’ quality of life Diaverum is investing in new facilities and service expansion of a state-of-the-art Institute for complex transplants in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Press release: Diaverum supports World Kidney Day by raising awareness about the effects of dialysis on pregnancy

Today is World Kidney Day, a global theme day aimed at raising awareness about kidney disease. As part of the global theme, kidney disease and women’s health, Diaverum is raising awareness about the effects of dialysis on pregnancy.

Diaverum acquires two clinics in Brazil, and enters the largest country in Latin America

GOTHENBURG/SAO PAULO (January 31st, 2018) - Diaverum creates a strong presence from the start through the acquisition of the two clinics in Ameng and Clinese. 900 patients will be treated in the clinics and the number is expected to grow.

Swedish Minister of Trade, Ann Linde, Visits Diaverum's Integrated Renal Care Centre in Riyadh

Ann Linde, Swedish Minister of Trade, visited Diaverum’s Integrated Renal Care Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the largest export market for Sweden in Middle East and the purpose of the minister’s visit was to promote trade between the two countries.

Diaverum nominated to receive prestigious Golden Laurel award

Diaverum is once again nominated to receive the Golden Laurel award honoring companies with a particular impact on the Polish economy. Diaverum is nominated in the Innovation category. The nomination is based on the launch of d.ACADEMY - a virtual college for patients, doctors, nurses and corporate managers.