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Oradea is the capital city of Bihor County and Crișana region and one of the important centers of economic, social and cultural development in the western part of Romania. The city is nestled between the hills that separate and unify in a harmonious way with plain Crișana. Located on the banks of Crișul Repede river, that divides the city into almost equal halves, it is the gateway to Central and Western Europe.

The beautiful city centre is worth visiting, as are the Băile Felix health spas, accessible by bus and located just outside the city. Other sites worth visiting are the Baroque Palace of Oradea, a wonderful Baroque museum with 365 famous windows, the Catedrala barocă, the biggest Baroque cathedral in Romania and the Cetatea Oradea, Oradea's Fortress

Holiday dialysis – the Diaverum way

At Diaverum, we never lose sight of the emotional and psychological needs of you and your family. An important part of this is that it should be possible for you to take a break now and then, and go for a holiday. The Diaverum Holiday™ concept is designed to make your holiday as practicable as possible, uncomplicated and enjoyable. Read more