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Visit Posadas

Posadas City is the Capital City of Misiones Province. Subtropical climate, beaches and historic sights make the city a perfect aim for tourists.

River, beaches, history

The city of Posadas is situated just next to the river Paraná. The imposing “San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz International Bridge" links the city with Encarnación City in Paraguay. The river´s beaches invite tourists and local inhabitants to relax or to extensively do water sports on the river.

Due to the central location with excellent transport opportunities via the river, Posadas was settled by the Jesuitical missionaries already in the early 17th century. Today, you can still see historic buildings, romantic squares and old churches. There are also special tours provided.

Posadas is surrounded by the typical redish land of this region and exuberant vegetation. In the outback of the city, especially a trip to Yacyretá Dam or an interpretative circuit to mate plantations is worth doing.

Holiday dialysis – the Diaverum way

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