Clinica Medicala Arnaldo - Visit Brasov

Located at the foot of the Southern Carpathians, Brasov is a favourite tourist destination in Romania. Due to beautifully preserved historic sights and various leisure activities for winter and summer times the city is worth visiting all year round. 

The medieval city was founded at the intersection of old merchant streets from Asia Minor, to the Adriatic Sea, Central Europe and to the Balkans giving it a rich history and culture. Many of the old buildings are well-preserved and can still be visited. In the centre of the city, for example, you find the baroque town hall free-standing on the triangular market square. Nearby is the Biserica Neagra (Black Church), the symbol of Brasov, which was built in the 14./15th century. What is more, Bran, home of Dracula's Castle, is only a few kilometres from Brasov. The castle here was for years the home of Vlad Tepes, the Valachian ruler that originated the myth of Dracula. Today it attracts thousands of tourists every year – especially for the Halloween night.

For sports lovers Brasov also has a lot to offer. Just 13 km from Brasov is Poiana Brasov - a unique winter resort:. Skiing, snowboarding, ski jets or ice-skating are only few of the things you can enjoy here. In summer there are tennis courts, boat rides, mountain climbing, horse riding and many other possibilities, that are also healthy for dialysis patients.

Thanks to a great number of hotels, chalets and villas, restaurants and clubs, your stay in Brasov will be an enjoyable and comfortable one.

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