Centru de dializă Diaverum Sema Parc, Bucuresti - Services and team



  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Ambulatory Preventive Care



Diaverum Romania S.R.L. wishes to draw your attention on the update of certain information on its website concerning its team, including the medical team managing the Diaverum Sema Parc Dialysis Centre, located in Bucharest, Romania, which was outdated.

In particular, Diaverum wishes to clarify that Mrs Dr Delia Timofte no longer holds the capacity of Country Medical Director of Diaverum Romania S.R.L. as of 1 October 2018 nor the capacity of Chief Doctor of Diaverum Sema Parc Dialysis Centre since 1 July 2019, and, starting with 1 July 2019, has ceased any professional engagements with Diaverum Romania S.R.L.

We kindly ask you to refer to the sub-section concerning Our Team (https://www.diaverum.com/en-RO/Diaverum-Romania/Our-team-Romania/) and the sub-section Services and Team of Diaverum Sema Parc Dialysis Centre’s sub-page (https://www.diaverum.com/en-RO/Clinic-container/Romania/Bucuresti/Centru-de-dializa-Sema-Parc-Bucuresti/Services-and-team/) for updated information on these matters.