First Kidney Treatment Centres - West Midlands

Unprecedented! best describes the West Midlands project. Four state-of-the-art clinics opened for treatment by the Diaverum team on the morning of Monday 3rd November 2014.

Diaverum UK in collaboration with our partner organisations, safely guided 450 patients on their first dialysis shifts in the different locations, and bearing in mind that moving can be a daunting experience, the integration team worked diligently to make the transition as seamless and smooth as possible for both the patients and the staff who transferred from Fresenius. As Boris Zjacic, Head-Area Central noted “it is a historic event for Diaverum and the renal world to undertake this huge takeover of 450 patients and about 75 staff from different cultures...on Monday morning".

The addition of the new clinics also brought along about 75 experienced nurses with new skills and knowledge. The  reactions from stakeholders at the scale of the project, and the care that went into every detail, have been phenomenal, and as stated by Mick Hartnett, Managing Director, “The initial comment and feedback has made all the hard work and long hours worthwhile”.

All new employees went through a comprehensive induction programme at the Great Bridge centre, which included training on the equipment, policies and procedures - all geared towards orientating them with our way of working. Rachel Stamp at the Kings Norton centre said “it’s so good to have the Diaverum team with us to hold our hands as we navigate this new path”.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this dream come true. "Yes we can!".