Diaverum UK - A Potted History

The following summarises some of the important achievements and milestones for Diaverum UK since inception in 2007.


Diaverum has its roots in Gambro, which was founded in Lund, Sweden .





Gambro divests Gambro Healthcare, and a new independent renal services company is founded –DIAVERUM.

The new name DIAVERUM is a name with two key facets. The first part, 'dia', represents Diaverum's core activity, dialysis, and signals that Diaverum focuses exclusively on renal services. The second part 'verum' means Truth in Latin. Hence this new name is symbolic of the honesty, transparency and reliability that the company will continue to be known for.

The name  DIAVERUM was adopted and launched all over the world with headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

Diaverum takes over the management of Lewisham, Crawley, Accrington and Burnley renal dialysis clinics.



A new Senior Management team now n place, to support the existing Diaverum clinics and develop the company into a stronger force within the UK renal market.



Three new contracts are awarded, for dialysis clinics in Rotherham, Nottingham, and Sidcup.






An extended and refurbished 20-station clinic is opened in Rotherham.

A 10-station interim clinic opened in record time, at the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.

 A 12-station interim clinic is opened at the Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup.



Won a tender to provide renal service at both the Darlington and Stockton Dialysis clinics on behalf of the South Tess NHSFT.







A 16 station clinic opened in Lings Bar Hospital, Beckside, Nottingham. Diaverum won this tender to open a new clinic as a permanent facility for patients in the south Nottingham area. With the opening of this larger facility the temporary clinic at the QMC was closed, and all the patients and staff transferred to Lings Bar clinic.

Diaverum was awarded the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification.









Diaverum opened a 16-station renal unit in Bedford. This is Diaverum UK’s first clinic under the Management Contract service model. The unit will be supervised by the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust. 

Following on from our success with the Bedford Unit, the first specialist renal dialysis unit was built on the grounds of the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow under the Management Contract model. This is a 12-station Unit.

Diaverum UK moved its Head Office to a purpose-built office complex in the centre of St Albans city.








We successfully opened four new clinics in record time and on the same day in the West Midlands. This is an important milestone in our ongoing effort to become an integrated renal care provider.

The 10-year contract to build and operate the four clinics was awarded at the end of 2013 with the prerequisite to open the clinics within one mile of the previous centres.

We successfully opened a 16-station stand-alone clinic in the seaside resort town of Eastbourne in partnership with the Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust.



A  24-station brand new bigger clinic was opened on Whitworth Road, Crawley to accommodate its 100 patients and for future expansion.