Happy Nurses Day

Dear Nursing Colleagues.

In honour of Nurses Day, I am writing to all to acknowledge the work you perform every single day!

Nursing is a profession requiring knowledge and skills to evaluate, assess and care for our patients. Being present with patients during the most vulnerable times in their lives is a challenging but highly rewarding experience.
As we look back on the history of nursing, nurses have been on the “front lines” dealing and meeting health challenges on behalf of our patients since way back when Florence Nightingale cared for the soldiers during the war!

As we continue on this journey we find ourselves on, (battling an unseen common enemy) I would like to remind all of the priority to self-care. Find ways to recharge, reset and restore  our energy to continue our work. We all have a “ go-to-thing” an outlet that helps with releasing stress. Reconnect with your outlet, refresh and continue to fully engage at work.

We are proud of all of you who have devoted time, energy  in navigating the challenges placed before us for our patients.

I am proud to be a nurse and stand by you during this most challenging crisis .

Thank you all!

Happy Nurses Day.