Patients´ Experience

What do dialysis patients think about holiday dialysis in Diaverum clinics? Read here an assortment of statements sent to us about their experiences:

  • The Clinic is right at the door of the hotel. I normally take a taxi for my sessions and it takes 3-4 minutes to get there. Once there was a national strike and no taxis were to be found, so I actually chose to walk back to the hotel after the dialysis, that’s how close it is. I do not experience any language barrier. The doctors and Paulina [the Holiday Dialysis coordinator in Malaga] all speak English. Everybody is very nice, friendly and helpful. I am really in favour of Spain, not least since there are one or two doctors present at all times. I would like to give thanks for all the help I received while on dialysis.
    Patient who visited our clinic in Torremolinos / Spain in 2011