Stay positive: Living an active life with CKD is possible!

Learn more about CKD - Diaverum´s Patient Education Program teaches you how!

Life is never easy. There are joyful moments – but there are also many challenges. Especially after being diagnosed with a chronic disease the world  can seem dark and cloudy.  

At Diaverum, our patients are at the centre of everything we do. We understand that being confronted with the life-changing diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) can really turn your world upside down. How will CKD affect your life and lifestyle? How can you continue to live a full life with CKD? Anxiety about the future is a quite natural and understandable reaction.

Living is an art. Understanding the impact of chronic kidney disease and learning as much as possible about life with CKD is key to making educated choices and maintaining the ability to lead an active life.

CKD patients are able to live a full life while being on treatment. Stay positive – there is only one life to live!

We help you to answer the most pressing questions. Log-in to Diaverum’s engaging e-learning platform and learn more about:

  • What is chronic kidney disease
  • Which treatment to choose
  • What is vascular access
  • What to eat and drink as a kidney patient
  • How to read your lab results
  • What medication to take as a kidney patient
  • How haemodialysis affects your life


It is only 3 steps to start your individual e-learning experience:

  1. Please ask your mentor or the staff from your clinic in your Diaverum kidney centre for your log-in details. Please note that the log-in details are at the moment only available in your Diaverum kidney centre!
  2. To log-in please click on the log-in button in the right hand side of this page
  3. You will be redirected automatically to your log-in page

Please note that the Patient Education programme is only available to Diaverum patients. Not a Diaverum patient yet? Please download our brochure “Patient Information” as a pdf. to find out more.