The Touch that makes the difference

To really improve our patients’ lives we aim to empower them. Studies have shown that patients who are fully involved in their treatment suffer from less comorbidities, accept their disease much better and are generally healthier. We are empowering our patients through open communication, special dialysis services such as nocturnal and holiday dialysis and by training and empowering our staff both medically and emotionally.

Team Diaverum

At Diaverum we strive to create a spirit of competence, learning, sharing and teamwork in our clinics, encouraging creative initiatives and solutions. Growing in difficult times and staying motivated is demanded a lot from our employees, but every single member of the Diaverum family is showing every day that they have the “the touch that makes the difference”.

Revitalising experience

In all our kidney centres, patients are treated with state‑of‑the-art equipment in a pleasant, comfortable and modern environment. The facilities are divided into four areas: a customer welcoming area, a customer treatment area, a staff area and technical facilities. Each area is equipped differently to reflect the diverse functions. Key aim is to avoid the ‘cold’ hospital feel and instead create a warm environment, providing patients with a revitalising experience. The setup certainly differs slightly from country to country depending on local premises and conditions, but the look and feel is always the same.