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Visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities in the world, South America’s major cultural capital, and the political and economical centers of Argentina. Visitors – regardless were they come from – are dazzled by the vibrant spirit of this city where the European culture meets the Latin American way of life.

Beats to your rhythm


Buenos Aires keeps its visitors around the clock in suspense. Worth visiting is especially the area around the historical Plaza de Mayo. The Presidential House is located there as well as the Cathedral, the Calido and the Banco Nación. Whenever you got lost, just follow the most recognizable icon of Buenos Aires - the Obelisk – that can be seen from almost all over the city. Buenos Aires is so rich in history and culture that you can send weeks on exploring the city on foot or by the public transport service without growing tired of it.

Buenos Aires is divided into barrios (neighborhoods). La Boca and San Telmo are two of the oldest parts of the city. Here you have the chance to experience the real Buenos Aires: Tango is being danced at the cafés, historic buildings testify from former times and the local inhabitants take a relaxing coffee with milk at the Plaza Dorrego.
Regardless if you are into culture or sports: Buenos Aires is famous for both!

Argentinean’s are absolutely passionate about football and call one of the most famous football stadiums – the Boca Juniors Stadium – their own. Garden lovers will love the woods and gardens that surround the city, including a romantic rose garden designed by Charles Thays. What is more, Buenos Aires is the home of popular and avant-garde fashion designers. And of course you cannot leave the city without visiting the Teatron Colón that amazing acoustics fascinates not only music enthusiasts.

Holiday dialysis – the Diaverum way

At Diaverum, we never lose sight of the emotional and psychological needs of you and your family. An important part of this is that it should be possible for you to take a break now and then, and go for a holiday. The Diaverum Holiday™ concept is designed to make your holiday as practicable as possible, uncomplicated and enjoyable. Read more

Diaverum runs several clinics in Buenos Aires. Holiday dialysis patients are always welcomed in all of them.