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Visit Puerto Igazú

Close to the border to Brazil and Paraguay Puerto Igazú is the region of great rivers and giant rainforests. The tropical weather and the fertile red soil facilitate the growth of impressive vegetation and create an attractive tourist region.

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

There are more than 250 falls in the region of Puerto Iguazu and many of them can be visited. Still, the most impressive ones are the Iganzú Falls. Voted as one of the 7 Nature Wonders of the World it attracts thousands of tourists every year. They can be visited by boat or on foot. It is an overwhelming sight to see the river falling down 82 meters into Devil´s Throat stressed by the thundering sound around the falls.

Also the rest of the region is very worth seeing and well prepared for tourists. One of the most interesting ways to explore flora and fauna is a safari. Professional guides will show you the most beautiful and exciting places of this special landscape. But it is not just the surrounding of Puerto Igazú, it is also the city itself which is worth a visit. As a typical border city it unifies different influences from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. You experience that in every detail like architecture, food and life style.

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