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Herefordshire is a beautiful county in the West Midlands with a history that goes back beyond the Roman times. It is one of the most rural and sparsely populated in England, and well known for its fruit and cider production.

Diaverum HerefordIts breathtaking and unadulterated countryside is a real pleasure for the locals and ideal vacation location for the most discerning  holiday makers. The countryside is dotted with magnificent landscapes  and a range of leisure facilities to explore and excite every passion.

Herefordshire loves culture, and all year round, there are events, celebrations and festivals to showcase the rich heritage and the timeless beauty of their rural setting.  If shopping is your passion then Herefordshire has something for everyone, from general shops and boutiques to specialist  farmers’ markets.  Herefordshire is very proud of its cider heritage and is a great county of lovers of ciders, perrys and beer. They hold festivals and workshops around cider and beer production.

There is so much to see and enjoy in Herefordshire, and if you are spoilt for choice, you can discover the county in different ways; hire a bike, rent a car, take out a canoe, join a hack, put on your boots and make friends on a guided walk. The unexpected is around almost every corner for you to enjoy in your own time and speed or in the companionship of others and if you are finding choosing what to do a little difficult, take your mind off it with a visit to the aMazing Hedge Puzzle at Symonds Yat.

 Hereford’s distinctive red earth create a stunning combination of rich fruitful lands and scenic splendour. With excellent guest accommodation and proximity to amenities, you can enjoy the best of both country life and city living. The city centre is a great place for walking.

There are excellent road and rail links with the rest of the UK.  By car, we are about 11/2 hours from Birmingham and Cardiff, and just three hours from London. Direct trains run to Hereford daily from Birmingham New Street train station, which has connection to Birmingham International Airport. The nearest major international airports are Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol with scheduled flights to and from the USA and many European hubs. However, National Express coaches operate nation-wide services and car hire is available at all UK airports and throughout Herefordshire.  For journeys from London Paddington and the rest of the UK please visit  

Herefordshire is a place to live, breathe and refresh. Come over to Herefordshire – the Eden of the West Midlands.  Whenever you choose to visit Hereford, you can be assured that  there is something interesting happening in a location near you.

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