Press release: Diaverum invests in state-of-the-art institute for complex transplants; d.INSTITUTE ITAC

Göteborg/Buenos Aires (Argentina) –July 13, 2018: Diaverum, one of the leading renal care providers worldwide has inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility for complex transplants, d.INSTITUTE (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad). Diaverum has operated in Argentina since 1998 formerly as Gambro Healthcare and currently runs 32 clinics caring for 3,500 patients.

Boasting nine floors on 4,000 m2, the new premises are located in the heart of Buenos Aires (Austria 2012), investing over 15 MDollars in these new facility featuring cutting edge technology, 50 beds and 4 operating rooms and offering 4,500 annual treatments including transplants, imaging services as well as other surgeries. The origin of d.INSTITUTE is a transplant centre called Nephrology, which Diaverum acquired in 2008.

The new d.INSTITUTE (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad) will expand its medical services to include, besides kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants, also liver and bone marrow transplants, as well as other highly complex surgeries and imaging. In addition, Diaverum will continue to conduct world-class medical research in d.INSTITUTE.

“This is a crucial step to continue to deliver better quality of life to our patients just as we have been doing for the past 40 years”, stated Dr. Domingo Casadei, Phd, MD who founded Nephrology in 1978 and who has already performed over 3,000 transplants throughout its history.

Now the Head of the new d.INSTITUTE (Institut de Trasplantas y Alta Complejidad), Dr. Domingo Casadei, who is also an accomplished medical researcher within the renal field continues “We’re very pleased with the new facilities and the addition of more complex procedure", and agrees with Hugo Almeida, Country Manager Argentina “We want to expand our leadership in transplantology to all of Latin America.”

Annette Kumlien, SVP, COO and Area Director for Argentina, adds “Our patient centric approach is visible both through our scope of services as well how it is deployed through the care processes in our kidney clinics. Also the d.INSTITUTE is based on the same principles – widening of the service scope and focusing on facilitating the patient through the facility in a functional way”

Dag Andersson, President and CEO of Diaverum expressed how proud he is of our new state-of-the-art d.INSTITUTE facilities. “The investment in d.INSTITUTE (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad) both in terms of new facilities and expansion of services are key to our global strategy aiming to offer comprehensive care for kidney patients around the world. We are delighted with this new initiative in Argentina and look forward to see it expanding its reach within the region”.

diaverum dINSTITUTE inauguration
In the image from left to right: Horacio Larreta, Mayor Buenos Aires; Domingo Casadei; Annette Kumlien; Maria Gabriella Michetti, vice president Argentina (sitting).

diaverum dINSTITUTE inauguration

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About Diaverum globally
Diaverum is a global renal care provider with a clear patient focus. As one of the world’s leading renal care providers we stand for excellent medical quality, renal care services and a patient-centred research. Being product-independent also gives us the flexibility to offer individual treatments for the individual needs of our patients and by coordinating our patients’ healthcare needs, we are improving their quality of life. At the same time we are creating value in the healthcare system by optimising the use of healthcare budgets — for the benefit of the patient and the society. Our experience in renal care dates back more than 25 years, when the first dialysis clinic was established, under the former name Gambro Healthcare, defining our Swedish roots. Today 11,000 employees care for more than 33,000 patients in 18 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East. Diaverum has its head office in Lund, Sweden and a corporate office in Göteborg.

About Diaverum Argentina
Argentina has for until end of 2017 been the largest country in the Diaverum group with 32 clinics (compared to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is now the largest Diaverum country with 35 clinics) and 3500 patients (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over 4000 patients). d.INSTITUE, formerly operating in smaller premises under the name Nephrology, has close to 500 hundred patients on the waiting list Kidney (421), pancreas (51) and 1200 post-transplant patients are being monitored.

About renal care in general in Argentina
The overall statistics for Argentina shows that the country has 29729 patients on renal replacement therapy and 7932 patients on the waiting list for a new kidney (6133), Liver (1268) and Kidney-pancreas (156). The government in Argentina have strict rules and regulations for transplants and the following institutions enforce these regulations; 

  • SINTRA is the informatic system used for the management and control of activities related to the procurement and transplantation of organs, tissues and stem cells in Argentina.
  • INCUCAI (Instituto Nacional Central Único Coordinador de Ablación e Implante) is the national institution that drives, monitors, controls and coordinate all donations of organs, stem cells and tissues in the country. 

About d.INSTITUTE ITAC. (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad)
It is located at Austria 2012, at the corner of Juncal street (City of Buenos Aires). The ITAC Institute for Transplants and High Complexity boasts cutting-edge technology and almost 50 beds, plus 4 operating rooms and can offer 4,500 annual treatments including transplants, surgeries and imaging services, among other services. Before, under the brand name Nephrology, the team that now heads d.INSTITUTE ITAC carried out over 3,000 kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants, and it is one of the most important research and training centres for professionals throughout the region.

The founder of d.INSTITUTE ITAC (Instituto de Trasplantes y Alta Complejidad) is the accomplished Dr. Domingo Casadei who has a long history of successfully initiating and driving important development within Nephrololgy, focusing on transplant;

  • Co-founder of the Latin American Transplant Society
  • President of the Argentinian Transplant Society (92-94)
  • President of the Latin America Transplant Society (92-94)
  • Chairman of the XIX International Transplant Congress (2002)
  • Professor of Nephrology in UCA (Argentinian Catholic University)