EDTNA/ERCA 48th international conference

On September 14th - 17th, the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association (EDTNA/ERCA) held its 48th international conference in the delightful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

EDTNA/ERCA is globally renowned, rooting back to 1971 when Dr Stanley Shaldon and his colleagues started this project. In 1972, EDTNA/ERCA held its first conference in the UK.
This year theme,” New Pathways in Renal Setting Caring Together by Integrating Modern Technology based on Knowledge and Education" aimed to address a successful integration of the modern technology, based on knowledge and education, ensuring continuity and consistency care. EDTNA/ERCA conference is the picture-perfect event to share experiences, knowledge and to explore nowadays and upcoming challenges of the renal care community. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and extend our network.

Diaverum vibrant booth was the hub to meet our fellow nurses and to show to the Renal Nurses community, our culture of true life-enhancing patient care. Other highlights for Diaverum were the posters presented by our Portugal colleagues which included “Usefulness of Stress Qb Test in Vascular Access Surveillance: Results of a HD Centre” by Ana Catarina Brito Silva and “The use of an ultrasound by nurses in a Haemodialysis Unit: Benefits and Limitations” by Joana Ramos. The presentations and posters were informative with the theme of patient empowerment and patient individualisation threading through a number of different talks, including but not exclusive to the “Empowerment PD patients to Shared care” session chaired by Maria Arminda Tavares, with a great multidisciplinary discussion around this topic.

We learnt about Behaviour change for nurses and patients and that nurses need to adapt their teaching/training style for different generations of both patients and nurses. As normal for these types of conferences there was much discussion surrounding how we can help our patient with adherence to diet and education and how this can be difficult, but that we should involve our patients much more in these discussions.
With this culture deeply embedded in our DNA, we all have actively participated in all scientific activities, where we proudly accompanied our people exemplarily moderating and running workshops, scientific sessions and sharing results of Diaverum scientific activities.

During the conference days, we had the opportunity to chat with the EDTNA/ERCA executive committee. The common topic was that we all are experiencing the same challenges, recognizing that the quality of the care is dependent on access to expert nurses. What was clear throughout the sessions was that Nurses are keen to undertake research in the specialised field of renal and that there is a lot more that can be done to help improve the patient experience and empowerment, and that this can only help nurses also feel more empowered and satisfied within their roles. A common understanding: - joint synergies are necessary between EDTNA/ERCA and independent service providers like Diaverum for the standardization of care and to improve the patient experience.

Looking into the future and after these four days of inspirational lectures and exciting discussions, all the Diaverum attendees went back to their home countries truly inspired and motivated to participate actively in the next 49th EDTNA/ERCA to be held in Ljubljana, on September 12th - 15th, 2020.

We are confident that next year, Diaverum presence in EDTNA/ERCA will mirror our new strong clinical governance where digital plays a crucial role. Although, keeping unchanged our culture of true patient care, delivering life-enhancing care, for body, mind and soul.

Written by Susan Pearce, Corporate Nursing Director and Israel Silva, Corporate Nursing Director

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