Preventing kidney failure in Guinea-Bissau

Posted March 1, 2017

Dr. Catarina Carvalho, nephrologist at Diaverum Portugal, is leading a screening campaign in Guinea-Bissau.

Being diagnosed with kidney failure in Guinea-Bissau means a death sentence for most patients. As currently no hospital in the West African country offers dialysis treatment, it is extremely important to prevent end-stage renal diseases among the population. Therefore, Drª Catarina Carvalho, nephrologist at Diaverum Portugal, is leading a screening campaign in various towns and cities as well as on the islands of Guinea-Bissau. “We have to understand the specific reasons for kidney failure here and also raise the awareness for typical risk factors as hypertension, diabetes and urinary tract infections”, Drª. Catarina Carvalho explains.

From beginning for February to end of March 2017, Dr. Catarina and her team are carrying out blood and urinary tests for the local population. “I coordinate our activities, logistics and the cooperation with local healthcare providers here but as a nephrologist I also work directly with the patients during the screenings”, says Dr. Catarina, “This work is so important for the country, I would like to thank Diaverum for giving me the chance to do this.” Diaverum supports the team also by taking over the costs for their equipment like sphygmomanometers, glucometers and urinary test strips.

All patients tested positively are raised to the next medical care unit. “Beside the screening campaign we also offer trainings for local doctors and nurses how to advise and treat patients with diabetes, hypertension or other diseases we find. It is also important to educate them how to prevent renal disease”, says Drª Catarina. There are fewer than 5 physicians per 100,000 persons in Guinea-Bissau, with a declining tendency. “We hope the campaign will raise the awareness for the need of healthcare within the country but also in the western world. We would like to thank Drª Catarina Carvalho for her great work and will continue to support her as good as we can”, says César Silva, SVP Ibéria Area Director & Managing Director Portugal.

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