Medical quality

Our care delivery is based on five pillars of excellence: clinical standards, medical standards, measurement of clinical performance, education and scientific research.

To ensure the highest safety, and best possible medical outcome for our patients, we implement and follow thorough and comprehensive clinical policies and procedures.

These are continuously improved based on regular internal audits on top of the national regulatory demands. Our medical practices are evidence-based and secured through standardised education and training, and our unique proprietary d.ACADEMY programme (our upgraded Competence in Practice education programme).

It is governed by a robust clinical governance framework including clinical audit functions, incident management reporting, clinical support etc.
The care model is continuously evolving.  We constantly invest in new digital technologies to improve medical outcomes, effectiveness and efficiencies.

Our digital tools include:

IRIMS, a renal information and patient records management system

TGS (Treatment Guidance System), a digital tool to drive care standardisation, accessed at the patients’ side via a tablet

PGS (Pharma Guidance System), evidence based algorithm which automatically suggest medical prescriptions

d.ACADEMY, a digital education platform for patients, nurses and doctors via virtual (web-based) courses

We believe in transparency. By setting standards and repeatedly measuring our performance we know that we are one of the world leaders in terms of dialysis quality.

At Diaverum, we systematically gather medical outcome data on a monthly basis from each of our clinics around the globe to ensure that we deliver renal care that meet all relevant benchmarks. The monthly measures are compiled into quarterly reports and progress is monitored continuously with global benchmarking.