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Visit Isla de la Cartuja / Santiponce


Isla de la Cartuja (Island of the Charterhouse) is an almost-island in the Guadalquivir River at Seville, Spain. The island's name derives from the cloistered monastery (Cartuja) located on the site, the Monasterio de Santa María de las Cuevas, where Cristopher Columbus lived when planning the voyage to the west. Here was located the world's fair to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first Columbian expeditions, the Expo '92. Before 1992, the island was completely isolated between two Guadalquivir river branches. After the rearrangement of the river channel system on the occasion of Expo '92, it was joined to mainland by a wide isthmus in the South with Triana neighbourhood.

Visiting Seville is certainly a must from Isla de la Cartuja. Seville is the capital of Andalucia and the cultural and financial centre of southern Spain. Some of the sightseeing highlights in Seville include the Cathedral of Seville (a fifteenth century cathedral and the final resting place o the remains of Christopher Columbus), La Giralda (a large and beautiful minaret tower, and a symbol o Seville), the Real Alcázar (a beautiful palace in Mudéjar (Moorish) style, built in the XIV Century) and the Jewish Quarter (Barrio Santa Cruz, filled with small winding streets, the most charming part of the city).

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