Diaverum Portugal’s Social Responsibility Programme Presented Publicly

It wasn’t out of chance that Cascais was chosen to host this event. This city’s Social Network (formal Municipal Social Networks, joining several selected partners are implemented by the Portuguese authorities, to tackle local social needs) was the first which Diaverum joined, and it is within this network that the first steps in the realm of External Social Responsibility are being designed.

The goal of this public presentation was to increase internal awareness, amongst Diaverum staff, to the importance of Social Responsibility – particularly to the opportunities and challenges which are posed by this area – and to, simultaneously, demonstrate our ambitions and our value commitment to all of our external partners in the network.

The meeting opened with the always inspiring testimony from César Silva, General Manager, Portugal and Diaverum SVP, who called out for how important it is for Social Responsibility to be a consistent and structured programme, which is part of the company’s day-to-day and which has repercussions in the communities which surround us. In César’s speech, Social Networks stood out as an important vehicle to carry out that mission.

diaverum portugal csr

In turn, in his speech, Dr. Fernando Macário, Country Medical Director, gave a context of Dialysis’ importance until this century’s onset, focusing on the evolution which has taken place in chronic kidney disease care, on a background of a particularly high incidence, in Portugal. According to Dr. Macário “Social Responsibility brings us closer to communities, in which as a company, we can have a more active intervention, with true impact in preventing and early diagnosing Chronic Renal Failure”.

The meeting also counted with the presence of Dr. Paula Guimarães, Director of the Montepio Foundation and ceasing President of Grace (a think-tank for Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship), whom very gently accepted our invitation. Dr. Guimarães stressed the fact of CSR increasingly being a need, and not an option, for companies, given how important it is to assure sustainable development and, with it, the future of companies themselves.

According to Dr. Guimarães “…companies have, through their Social Responsibility, an opportunity to reinforce their internal cohesion, whereby simultaneously promoting a solid network of partnerships with their surrounding communities”. Conversely, in his allocation to the audience, Dr. Frederico Pinho de Almeida, the responsible for the Social Action, Health and Education Cabinet in the Municipality, underlined the added value of the work which is performed in the Social Networks, due to the partnerships build between the Public and the Private sectors, in service to the community.

Marta Olim, Diaverum Portugal’s Responsible for Social Responsibility, presented all the ground covered so far, as well as all this project’s future ambitions, stating a strong belief that Social Responsibility will consolidate our pathway, which is strongly marked with the values of respect for Human Rights and for behaviors of solidarity, which are already expressed in our day-to-day work.

The meeting closed with the heart-felt testimonial from Dr. Alice Fortes, a Head Nephrologist, which reinforced a very important message: “Social Responsibility is each and every one of us”. Finally, the session was finalized by the Mayor of Cascais, Dr. Carlos Carreiras, who underlined the benefits of a collaborative democracy, “true example of a practice in which everyone takes part in the decisions and is part of the solutions, making the best use of resources and social responses”.

We are certain that this was the first of many such meetings, which we are sure will make the contribution and commitment to the populations within which we will intervene, even more evident! 

That, exactly, is our commitment: to promote knowledge which has impact in the well-being and in the quality of life of the populations which we are part of. This is the mark we want to leave, as a Socially Responsible company.