Social Responsibility


The Diaverum culture and management commitment are based on principles of ethics, social fairness and environmental friendliness.

Diaverum Portugal's Social Responsibility poses a huge challenge which strengthens our internal cohesion and allows, together with partners of our local communities, to form Social Networks in order to contribute to improving people’s lives.

Every year we make a difference through our health initiatives, empowering people to live accordint to healthier lifestyles, promoting health-friendly attitudes and promoting values ​​of well-being and balance.

We believe that all these actions consolidate our path which is strongly marked by values ​​of respect for Human rights and by behaviors of solidarity, which we want to see conveyed in everyday life.

Social Responsibility gives an even greater dimension to our caring mission, as it broadens our horizons, allowing this gesture to cross the boundaries of our organization and become even more useful, adjusted to other more vulnerable contexts and realities, where it can also make the difference.

Allied to the right partners, we are an active part of a joint solution that has a real impact on the lives of the people with whom we intervene and which contributes to our own sustainable development as a company.