Social Work

The process of renal disease, as well as the beginning of hemodialysis treatments, leaves irreversible marks in the chronic dialyzed person’s experience, with impact on the physical, psychological, familiar, professional and social levels, forcing the patient to adjust to a life with different demands and, consequently, new challenges.


Social Work operates in the following situations:

- Supporting patients and their families, by helping them integrate the disease and the treatment to the best of their abilities, and to cope with the changes brought by the new living conditions.

- Informing patients and their families, regarding their social medical rights and guarantees.

- Articulating with community institutions in order to foster the rehabilitation and the readjustment with family issues as well as the social and labor reintegration of the person who is treated.

- Orienting the family and the caregivers towards specialized support services and access to external resources, adjusted to the context in which they operate.