100% focused on renal care

We are a service only provider. We focus on renal care - on renal care only. Unlike other renal care companies, Diaverum does not produce or sell dialysis equipment or related products. Instead, we are free to choose from all available manufacturers of machines and consumables in order to find the combination that will allow us to provide the highest quality care and most convenient service at the best possible price.

We are quality

To ensure the highest safety, processes and treatments that generate the best possible medical outcome for the patients, we implement and follow thorough and comprehensive clinical policies and procedures and continuous internal audits on top of the national regulatory demands. Our medical practices are evidence-based and secured through standardised education and training and our unique Competence in Practice education programme.

Holistic care approach

The patient is at the heart of everything we do. To improve their quality of life, we are offering the full range of dialysis services as well as transplantation, preventive care and lifestyle services such as holiday dialysis. Our clinical research activities are based on the needs and the demands of our patients. We are focusing on the whole patient, on both their physical and emotional well-being.

We deliver integrated healthcare solutions

We are an integrated renal care provider. We focus on the whole patient, on both their physical and emotional well-being. We are starting to innovatively coordinate renal and non-renal services around the renal patient , making care as easy and accessible for them as possible.

We create value in the healthcare system

We are a trusted partner to health authorities and payers as we help authorities to optimise the use of limited healthcare budgets by delivering quality care with a patient centred focus. More patients treated by Diaverum means a reduced total expenditure on renal care by health authorities and best value for money for health authorities. Our aim is to develop sustainable, long-term solutions that put the patient in the centre.

Scientific research

Diaverum’s scientific research philosophy is based on the needs and the demands of the patients. Led by Scientific Director Giovanni FM Strippoli, we are increasingly active in world-class clinical research with a strong patient focus, to improve our practices and understanding of the complex needs of renal patients. Read more here