Holiday dialysis patients´ experiences

Many of our patients like to go on holiday as often as they can. What do they think about Holiday Dialysis the Diaverum way? Read here an assortment of statements that have been sent to us:

  • I have been to several different units since I have started dialysis and have found Rotherham to be the most comfortable overall experience. What I liked: The friendly and professional staff, the spacious ward, comfortable adjustable seats, no waiting around before treatment, car parking free and next to unit.
    Patient who visited our clinic in Rotherham / UK in 2014
  • From the very beginning the staff was welcoming, warm, made me feel relaxed and really went out of their way to help me in any way they could. I was picked up on time from my hotel by the bus driver and from where I was staying it was only a short distance away. The staff on the ward welcomed me very warmly, the doctor spoke good English which put me at ease and I was very happy with the treatment that I received here. I have no complaints and would definitely return to this clinic.
    Patient who visited our clinic in Pineda del Mar / Spain in 2012
  • I have been to Sema Parc before and I am very pleased with the treatment. The medical staff is very friendly and professional. I will definitely come back!
    Patient who vistited our clinic in Bucharest / Romania in 2012
  • This is very, very good. I am being very well looked after. It is actually much better here in Torremolinos than back home in England. The nurses check on you all the time and there is always a medical doctor present. Besides, the coffee here is fantastic! From the place where I stay to the clinic it is 15-20 minutes by car. It is really convenient. I don’t have to worry about the payment, the E111-form [European Health Insurance Card] takes care of that.
    Patient who visited our clinic in Torremolinos / Spain in 2011
  • The Clinic is right at the door of the hotel. I normally take a taxi for my sessions and it takes 3-4 minutes to get there. Once there was a national strike and no taxis were to be found, so I actually chose to walk back to the hotel after the dialysis, that’s how close it is. I do not experience any language barrier. The doctors and Paulina [the Holiday Dialysis coordinator in Malaga] all speak English. Everybody is very nice, friendly and helpful. I am really in favour of Spain, not least since there are one or two doctors present at all times. I would like to give thanks for all the help I received while on dialysis.
    Patient who visited our clinic in Torremolinos / Spain in 2011