Diaverum CEO Mr Dimitris Moulavasilis, and COO Mr Boris Zjacic visits North Macedonia

Chief Executive Officer Mr Dimitris Moulavasilis and Chief Operating Officer Mr Boris Zjacic visited Skopje, North Macedonia, to participate in Diaverum’s celebration of World Kidney Day. The event was attended by Diaverum staff, the local medical community, and healthcare vendors, as well as the ambassadors of the UK and Sweden. 

Mr Moulavasilis with the staff of the Diaverum Vizbegovo clinic.

Mr Moulavasilis presented Diaverum’s value proposition and shared the company vision and plans for the country, while Mr Zjacic elaborated on Diaverum’s renowned care delivery model, providing access to world-class renal care. Other presenters were the ambassador of Sweden, his Excellency Mr Mats Staffansson, who presented the importance of  Diaverum’s investment in the country and the President of North Macedonia’s patient association (Nefron), Mr Duško Gjorgijev, who welcomed Diaverum and shared patients’ expectations.

CEO Dimitris Moulavasilis presents Diaverum’s value proposition.

Dimitris Moulavasilis stated “We visited the newest country in our network to celebrate World Kidney Day, introduce Diaverum, and share our vision and future investment plans. We also had the opportunity to visit our dialysis clinic in Vizbegovo where we were delighted to see the progress of the integration process to achieve Diaverum care standards.“