7 quick tips on how to keep your kidneys healthy

Posted February 22, 2018

Chronic kidney disease is becoming increasingly common worldwide. Treatment options are expensive and a major limitation to quality of life for the patients. Follow these 7 steps to help ensure your kidneys are staying healthy.

Chronic kidney disease is a serious disorder that has become increasingly common worldwide. More than five per cent of all adults suffer from some kind of kidney disease that can lead to kidney failure and thus the need for dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation. Treatment options are expensive for society and for the patient the disease is often a major limitation to quality of life.

Therefore, it is important to prevent failure when possible. Common health advice applies very much even for healthy persons who want to avoid damaging their kidneys. For those who already have some kind of renal dysfunction, this advice is particularly important.

1 Stop smoking! Do absolutely not start!

2 Exercise regularly

3 Eat healthy food in order not to gain weight

4 Check your blood pressure regularly if it has shown to be above the normal value

5 Check your blood sugar level regularly if it at any time has been too high

6 Be careful with pharmaceuticals that may cause damage to the kidneys

7 Check your kidney function if you have diabetes or high blood pressure