Happy International Nurses Day!

Posted May 12, 2018

The International Nurses Day is celebrated every May 12th around the world to mark the contributions that nurses make to societies. At Diaverum, our nurses are the heart and soul of our patient care. Hear leaders at Diaverum share their thoughts on the role of the nurse.

Dag Andersson
CEO, Diaverum Group

Why are we celebrating the International Nurses Day at Diaverum?

We employ more than 6.500 nurses around the world who care for 33.000 patients. Our nurses are compassionate, dedicated and highly skilled professionals who make up the core of our company. Since patients on dialysis spend many hours in the clinics every week, nurses have a huge impact on their well-being, both physically but also emotionally. Today we want to show our appreciation for the tremendous job they do.

What do you want to say to our nurses and nursing staff today?

I want to use this opportunity to thank all of you. I know that you are working hard every day to ensure the best possible care for our patients. Today I want to celebrate with you. I have met many of you around the world and I am very proud to lead a company with such a committed, professional and passionate workforce.

What differentiates Diaverum from our competitors?

Our people of course. The quality of care that we give and the high trust that our patients have in our teams in the clinics. Our company culture “The Touch” is our way to stand out in the market, to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and to reach our vision of becoming the first choice in renal care. At Diaverum our focus is our people.


Alan Dobson
Vice President Nursing

Why did you choose to become a nurse?

With over thirty years’ experience as a nurse, I have had the privilege of caring for patients and their families often at times of greatest need. Being able to do so has been an extremely humbling experience. I am always amazed at the dedication and humanity of my nursing colleagues who strive to do the very best for their patients regardless of circumstance. It is such an honor to be a nurse.

Which are the challenges our nurses face today?

Nurses are the largest part of the Diaverum workforce, providing technologically precise and compassionately delivered patient care with the special “Touch”. Globally, we see a growing and ageing population. As a consequence, patient care is becoming more complex and sophisticated than ever before. The challenge in healthcare today is to provide even better care, in more innovative ways with limited resources.

How do you see the role of the nurse in the future?

With ever-changing scientific and technological advances and the increasing expectations of society, management and patients, care will become even more complex and demanding. Nurses will continue to play a pivotal role in providing the human element that binds everything together. As nurses spend most of their time at the patients’ side, it is vital that nurses around the world will become more empowered to be “the voice to lead”.


Paula Dolan
SVP, CHRO, Human Resources

What is your vision in HR for our nursing workforce?

To ensure that we have an engaged workforce who is provided with the opportunity to grow and develop within a stimulating and positive working environment. It is crucial that we listen to our employees and ask for their feedback. It follows on that only by actively listening and addressing the challenges faced by our nurses can we strengthen the quality and safety of our care.

What makes Diaverum an attractive place to work?

Within Diaverum I meet great people. We are a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and professions who deliver great care. Diaverum provides the opportunity for personal growth and development on a national and international level. We have great teams in our clinics and that make Diaverum an attractive place to work. 

What is your career advice to our colleagues?

Believe in yourself and your strengths! Actively seek and take the opportunities for professional and personal development. Let us know about your career aspirations and what we can do to help.