Life enhancing renal care

We believe that every dialysis patient deserves to live a fulfilling life!
That is why our care delivery approach is based on each patient’s entire life situation. How can we ensure the best standards of care? What is the best treatment? Which additional services are needed? How can our patients be empowered to live their life as fulfilling as possible?
These are the questions which constantly drive our daily care efforts to enhance the quality of life for each individual patient.
This is what distinguishes the Diaverum way of service delivery, and defines our life enhancing renal care.

Our standards of care ensure the best medical outcomes for each individual patient, in each of our clinics globally.

Our care delivery model provides access to world-class renal care. A continuously improved model which is based on five pillars of excellence, governed by a robust clinical governance framework and enabled by a constantly evolving digital infrastructure.

Our patient care coordination programs take care of our patients’ renal and other medical and social needs, improves medical outcomes and adds value to the healthcare systems by optimising the total cost of care.

We empower our patients to take an active role in their treatment. Offering patient education and a full range of renal care therapies, we give our patients the choice to choose the treatment which fits best with their needs and lifestyles.

We know education is of great importance for successful treatment of chronic kidney disease. Our education platform d.ACADEMY serves to educate patients on how to manage the disease and improve their daily life.

Screening programs, awareness campaigns, caregivers support programs, health promotion plans, and disease prevention plans are all parts of the Diaverum way of empowering our patients and their families. Our open clinics' initiatives connect patients, families and caregivers to enhance awareness, provide training, discuss challenges, and strengthen collaboration.

It can be challenging for our patients to go on refreshing and important vacations. With our d.HOLIDAY programme we help our patients to enjoy safe and relaxing holidays. An extensive network of in-centre coordinators and external partners enable treatment away from home at any of our centres all over the world and secures suitable accommodation nearby.

Our warm clinics’ environment and our value-add services make our patients feel the convenience of home.

Our people true caring culture, makes our patients feel they receive genuine care.

Life enhancing renal care

For body, mind and soul
Passionately and with inspiration
Enabling them to live a fulfilling life