Fulfilling the sweetest dream – despite being on dialysis

Life is full of challenges, but also possibilities. My name is Ramunė Budrikienė and I am a business woman, and I am a fighter.

Six years ago while making a birthday cake for my mother ’s 60th birthday, I happened to discover my dream. I simply found out I had a talent for making beautiful pastries. One cake led to another and today I am running Sugar Studio, a well-known pâtisserie in Klaipedia, Lithuania. Today, I am living my dream.

Being where I am today was all but certain. After facing an autoimmune disease, blood cancer, infections and after spending almost one year in hospital the easiest way would have been to ignore my newfound talent. But I couldn’t.

Even starting dialysis in 2008 due to the consequences of my diseases didn’t stop me. The way I see it, you can be sorry for yourself, complain all the time and come up with excuses, but it does not change anything. I knew from the start that I couldn’t give up on my dream. This was something I had to do.

Looking back at these past six years, keeping my mind on business, on strong competition and on new innovative ideas instead of focusing on treatment every other day and being a dialysis patient, have given me so much energy, so much joy.

Besides my very supportive family, which went through all difficulties together with me, much of my strength lies in my cakes and my desserts. Having your own dreams and goals make it so much easier to keep fighting, every day. When life gives you challenges, make a beautiful cake.