You are d.HEROES. And so are we.

It’s a fight. And it’s a fight for life. People living with CKD are fighting a chronic kidney disease every minute, every day. Fighting together with our patients to improve their quality of life, they show us how to live great lives despite tough conditions. People living with CKD are people with superpowers. They are our heroes. We call them d.HEROES.

We also see our fantastic nurses, physicians and all other coworkers as heroes. They are fighting too, first and foremost to improve the quality of life for our patients. By the treatments at our clinics and by unique services such as the d.ACADEMY platform and d.HOLIDAY programmes, we constantly try to empower our brave patients.

There are many things worth mentioning, many heroes worth to be highlighted, and many  important stories to be told. Here are three examples of people living with CKD and fighting it every minute, every day, but still live their life to the fullest. They are d.HEROES.