How it works

Planning for a holiday abroad might seem like a daunting task if you are a renal care patient. Finding a clinic, filling in paperwork, handling costs and hotel arrangements requires a large amount of preparation. At Diaverum we will be happy to assist you with the complete process, from the first enquiry until you are on your way. Just follow five easy steps.

1. Choose one of our complete holiday packages... 

2. ...or select a Diaverum clinic worldwide 

This is the option if you want to book accommodation and flight yourself. Choose between Diaverum clinics in different countries.

3. Send your request

When you have found a clinic, click on Holiday dialysis and fill in the form for FREE dialysis booking service. Answer a few simple questions and send your request today.

4. We will get in touch with you

We will phone you or e-mail you to find out about your preferences and your particular medical needs. As a part of our service we handle all medical paperwork, making your preparations as smooth as possible.

5. Time to go

All arrangements will be discussed with you prior to booking. Diaverum clinics all over the world have one thing in common, first class medical treatment in combination with a friendly and personal care.

We wish you a pleasant trip.