Living an active life

As a dialysis patient you can have a fairly good and normal life. Your medical team will do everything they can to help you. But in the end it all depends on you. Have a positive mind! Look for opportunities rather than problems. Enjoy life to the best of your ability.

Continue to work!

Starting dialysis does not mean you have to stop working unless you have an extremely heavy job. Encourage and push yourself to go to your job. This will provide a distraction for you. Most employers are understanding and helpful and will help arrange your situation so that you can cope with it in a good way. If you go to school you should be able to continue as usual.

Keep fit!

Sports and dialysiss

You should do as much exercise as you feel comfortable with. It improves your health and well-being. It also gives you a feeling of living a normal life. That is important. There are, however, some restrictions. If you have a fistula, graft or neckline, you must avoid contact sports such as rugby. Ask your doctor for advice when it comes to swimming.

Continue to drive!

The general rule is that you can continue to drive. This makes your life more flexible. During the first two months of haemodialysis, it is advisable not to drive immediately after your treatment. If you happen to be a professional truck, taxi or bus driver, you should discuss with your doctor whether your condition permits you to continue your job as normal.

No smoking, please!

Smoking is dangerous in general terms, so you cannot afford that extra risk if you are a dialysis patient. If you are considered for transplantation it is even more important not to smoke. Smoking damages your blood vessels and might affect the success of a transplanted kidney. Alcohol is permitted as long as it is matched against your normal fluid and diet allowances. Ask your medical team for advice.

Take a holiday break!

Everyone should be able to enjoy a holiday. This is nowadays also true if you are a dialysis patient. It only requires some planning. Talk to your medical team and ask them to help you organise your holiday in the best possible way. They can advise you where to go and how to take care of your dialysis during your holiday. There are many Diaverum clinics to choose from, both in your own country and abroad, allowing you to feel confident that you will get the best possible care.