Patient stories

Filipe Almeida travels around the world with his family

I was diagnosed with a kidney disease as an infant, and are currently receiving haemodialysis treatment three times per week - now me and my family is going to see the world.


Fulfilling the sweetest dream - despite being on dialysis

Life is full of challenges, but also possibilities. My name is Ramunė Budrikienė and I am a business woman, and I am a fighter.


Mother of six gave birth to last born twins while on dialysis 

Being a mother of six children, is that special? In my situation maybe it is, and maybe a little more than usual. My name is Melinda and I delivered my newly born twins being a dialysis patient.


Thirty years on dialysis

A transplant, not working out the way I wanted, still became the breakthrough moment in my life. My name is Wojciech Rosanowski and I have decided to live my life to the fullest.