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Jonava is a midsized city in the heart of Lithuania. Located on both banks of the River Neris it offers a historical townscape with many sights and prosperous economy.

The capital of midsummer holiday

Although Jonava was partly destroyed in the Second World War, the city regained strengths quite soon. Today it is a lively city that combines modern life and historic heritage. The Past Horse Post building is one of these silent witnesses. It is one of the most popular sights for tourists and today houses the Museum of Jonava. Another highlight is the beautiful church of St. Jacob. Beside from its historical sights, Jonava is famous for its celebrations. The Annual Lithuanian Jonines festival attracts thousands of people from all over the country every year.

Kaunas is located some kilometers from Jonava and is one of the biggest cities in Lithuania. With its spirit of business and entrepreneurship, the city is on the move, rapidly developing into a real western city. Still it enjoys a remarkable Old Town and is definitely worth visiting as one of the highlights of your holiday.

Holiday dialysis – the Diaverum way

At Diaverum, we never lose sight of the emotional and psychological needs of you and your family. An important part of this is that it should be possible for you to take a break now and then, and go for a holiday. The Diaverum Holiday™ concept is designed to make your holiday as practicable as possible, uncomplicated and enjoyable. Read more