Patient demographics

Alongside the clinical performance measures, Diaverum pays close attention to the key statistics surrounding the delivery of treatment, e.g. demographic data and prevalence of catheters.

Demographics and prevalence of catheters

  Q1 2019 Q1 2018
Age (years) 63 62
Body weight (kg) 72 72
Prevelence of diabetes as primary renal diagnosis (%) 25 25
Prevalence of catheters (> 90 days)(%) 19.2 18.4

Patient demographics

The dialysis patient population is becoming older and prevalence of diabetes is gradually increasing. The average age of a dialysis patient in Diaverum is 64 years and diabetes accounts for a quarter of Diaverum’s patients requiring dialysis.

Catheter prevalence: A ‘catheter last’ approach

Patients dialysed with a catheter have a lower survival rate than those dialysed with an arteriovenous fistula, thus Diaverum advocates a ‘catheter last’ approach.