Our care approach

Our d.CARE concept is based on the approach of always looking at our patients’ entire life situation and to help improve it: What is the best treatment? Which additional services are needed? How can our patients live their life as normal as possible? These are the questions driving us to create an improved quality of life for each individual patient.

We strive to empower our patients to take an active role in their treatment. Offering highest medical care standards and the full range of renal care therapy gives our patients the choice which treatment fits best with their life.

We believe that, to best suit each individual, coordinate several types of renal and non-renal services into one package and take responsibility for assisting our patients through every stage is the best way to achieve an improved quality of life. That’s why we have developed the Patient Care Coordination.

The implementation of the Patient Care Coordination has triple positive effects. It improves quality of life for patients, it increases value for healthcare systems and it offers us growth opportunities in new therapeutic areas such as diabetics and cardiovascular.

We know education is of great importance for treatment of chronic kidney disease. Our education platform d.ACADEMY serves to increase patient satisfaction and offers development opportunities within the company. Investing in knowledge means investing in the highest quality of care.

It can be difficult for our patients to go on refreshing and important vacations. With our d.HOLIDAY programme we can help our patients and their families to avoid those problems. A wide network of in centre coordinators and external partners enable treatment away from home at any of our centres all over the world and secures suitable accommodation nearby.

100% focus. On improving quality of life.