Choose your treatment

Which treatment fits your life?

When being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, it is fair to say that the world turns upside down. It is natural that you worry about what the future holds, but it is also true that two patients don´t have the exact similar experiences. Some patients are asymptomatic until they need to start dialysis, others have severe clinical symptoms which disrupt habits, hobbies and normal life. Mood swings, anxiety, uncertainness, depression, sadness, frustration and irritability are not uncommon for patients suffering from this chronic disease.

As a patient it is your right to take an active role in deciding about the renal care treatment that matches your approach to life. Your values and desires are the two main fundaments in guiding you to the appropriate modality. Also remember that your doctor and Diaverum clinical staff always are at your disposal to clarify your doubts and concerns and to give the best possible support to you and your family. And, if you at any point would like to change your dialysis modality into another modality, and there is no medical contraindication you will always be able to do so. Even if your future life seems clouded right now, bear in mind that for most people a fairly normal life with travelling, exercising and socializing awaits just around the corner. Managing CKD means continuing a life worth living.

A kidney transplant offers the best outcome and the best quality of life. However, not everyone is fit for a kidney transplant, and there is also a shortage of organs. A patient may have to wait for months, and even years, before getting a suitable transplant and will thereafter need lifelong medication. Dialysis is therefore the first treatment step in order to eliminate toxins from your body.

Steps to take:

We will be with you on your way of deciding on dialysis treatment. The process covers six important steps that do not only reflect your lifestyle, but also clarify all important details about different treatment options. You make the decisions, but remember that you are not alone.