Hello everyone, wherever you are in the world, 

It’s starting to feel a little repetitive, but 2021 has been yet another extraordinary year – but where, once again, extraordinary people like yourselves made the difference. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the headlines, the last two years' societal and economic challenges have been seismic and unprecedented in their scale, lasting longer than we could have anticipated, and they will continue to shape our daily life for the year to come. 

While these times have been marked by great difficulties, they have also seen inspiring displays of humanity, solidarity and agility. 

Within Diaverum, this couldn’t have been more evident than the way our people have continued to manage COVID-19 across our organisation to keep patients and each other safe and healthy. Our efforts to educate and support vaccination in our network of clinics have led to an impressive 86% of patients and 94% of staff being vaccinated with at least one dose, 81% of our patients fully vaccinated, and 56% of them have already had their booster third shot. 

An outcome well ahead of general populations and our industry peers. 

Diaverum’s True care at its finest. 

But 2021 wasn’t only about the pandemic. By managing it effectively, we kept the path open to push hard on our transformation agenda, unleashing our full potential towards becoming the global renal care provider of choice and a leader in integrated, AI-enabled, personalised dialysis care. 

This past year, we continued bringing together our renowned care delivery model and culture of True care with #data, #digital, and #AI, marking breakthrough progress with our digital transformation and care delivery innovation:

  • Our renowned personalised patient care evaluation system (Clinical Performance Measurement 2.0) is now available through the mobile devices of each medical director and head nurse. 
  • Our breakthrough VA Artificial Intelligence model is being rolled out across our clinic network.
  • Our Health-related Quality of Life (HRQoL) strategy was embraced by more than 80% of our patients, and together with the unique insights from both CPM 2.0 and Patient Perception of Care reports, enable us to deliver more personalised renal care.

A set of impressive breakthroughs, converting our 30 years of dialysis know-how, into a single digital platform to enable the most scalable, high-quality and efficient dialysis service worldwide. 

Moreover, during 2021, we significantly expanded our network, despite the context of restricted global travelling. Together with our 14000 colleagues, we welcomed 39 new clinics in Spain, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Morocco, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil & China, serving more renal patients around the world. 

Finally, although the challenges healthcare professionals inevitably face due to the pandemic, our people engagement reached an all-time high. 

85% of our employees participated in our global “My Opinion Counts” (MOC) survey, and we are happy to see an improvement in all categories, with scores at their highest rates since we started the survey in 2013. 

Thank you all for your valuable feedback, and I assure you that Diaverum is committed to embracing it and improving upon it. You will hear more from your local leadership teams very soon. 

Looking ahead, 2022 will be a marathon, make no mistake – but one we were preparing for. 

COVID-19 will continue to be around for some time, impacting the health care sector and our patient population while contributing to inflationary pressures. 

We need to do more of what we have been doing to come out of this even stronger and no less competent, passionate, and inspired. 

During the next year, we will continue to deliver care excellence no matter the circumstances; we will be managing our costs to ensure the sustainability of the business; and we will be accelerating our digital transformation, bringing to life new innovative services to improve the lives of our patients. 

I am confident that this organisation has the right people, culture, strategy and capability to respond to the upcoming challenges and make 2022 another successful year!

Finally, as the year draws to a close and we enter a holiday season that once again is a little different to what we’re used to, I find myself reflecting on how proud I am to work in an organisation that places its patients at the core of everything it does. 

I encourage each of you to look back on 2021 and celebrate how your individual hard work and continuous dedication makes True Care a genuine expression of how we aspire to conduct ourselves as a healthcare organisation. 

Thank you for all your hard work during 2021, and I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year with your loved ones. May 2022 find you healthy, safe and energised for the year ahead.


Dimitris Moulavasilis,

President & CEO




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