At Diaverum, we actively seek top-tier talent, and as a result, our recruitment process is meticulous and deliberate.

This process is crafted to not only identify the most suitable individuals but also to provide you with a comprehensive insight into our identity, operations, and expectations. We aim to ascertain that our True Care culture aligns seamlessly with your preferences and career aspirations.


Step 1


If you are curious about Diaverum and wish to learn more about us, we encourage you to explore information available on various websites. Gain insights into our corporate culture, True Care ethos, and explore who we are by visiting our Careers portal. Additionally, if you have acquaintances employed within our organization, consider reaching out to them directly for first-hand perspectives on what it is like to be part of the Diaverum family. Explore employee testimonials to further understand the experiences of those who contribute to our organization. Certainly! You can apply through any of the platforms where we advertise our job opportunities, including our career page, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed. Alternatively, you may seek a referral from someone you know who is already a part of our organization. We welcome your interest and encourage you to explore the various channels available to connect with us and apply for positions within Diaverum!

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If the hiring team determines that your profile aligns with the position we are seeking, they will typically reach out to you to initiate a telephone interview to align expectations. From that point forward, the subsequent steps in the process may vary depending on your specific profile: For staff positions in the clinics, the process is generally expedited, typically involving a couple of interviews with the Human Resources team and the department head. For office positions, the process usually consists of three interviews, starting with the first interview with the Human Resources team. Following that, there is an interview with the hiring manager and a final interview with the grandfather (manager of the manager). Additionally, we may include some personality assessment, general ability test, or business cases depending on the position. In our interviews, besides inquiring about your experience, we are highly interested in understanding your behaviours in the workplace. Therefore, we recommend that you come prepared with evidence before the interview, using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, and Result). Alignment with our True Care culture is crucial for working at Diaverum; we invite you to explore how we embody it on.

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This marks the concluding phase of the recruitment process, and we anticipate extending a warm welcome to you as a valuable addition to our team. As with each preceding stage, Diaverum maintains a meticulous approach in its decision-making process. The timeframe for receiving a job offer letter from Diaverum can vary; in some instances, you may receive an offer within a week, while in others, it might take a bit longer. Numerous factors influence the duration before we reach out to you, such as the specific role you applied for, the urgency to fill the position, the volume of applicants, the role's location, and other considerations.

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If you are searching for your next role in healthcare and are interested in joining an organisation that offers continual professional progression, international opportunities and more, check out this new video series from Diaverum, to hear from team members what working here is all aboutSubscribe and stay tuned for more stories from the frontline’ being released over the next few months.

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